God’s Pocket: 2017

Aptly named, what a fantastic, scenic location! Great diving, great company and great food – oh my.  I would love to spend weeks (and weeks) up there.

I played tug of war with a giant pacific octopus, found a giant and friendly wolf eel named Mongo, and took nearly every dive to the allocated time limit – so much to see! I also broke dive number 300, which is kind of cool.

That first dive in the 45 degree water was a bit of an eye-opening “oh shit” moment.  The first 10-15 minutes it took for my face to go numb felt so much longer.  Using the gloves I dive here in So Cal, I could barely use my camera by the end of that hour.  Luckily, my back pair up worked out pretty nicely.

Not including the three night dives under the dock, I shot wide-angle (Tokina 10-17) for every dive hoping for GPO. The night dives were with my new Nikon 40mm macro lens, and were very interesting and different from the boat dives. I had so much fun finding fish and crabs in the bottles, but it was also interesting to think about the history of the resort and wonder who might have dropped the bottles off the dock, and when.

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  1. JoLee Ford
    April 25, 2017

    BEAUTIFUL pics…..thank you so much for sharing!

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